CEREC Milestone Timeline

Technological innovation is indeed important to economic growth and the enhancement of human possibilities.

-Leon Kass

1980: CEREC process developed at the University of Zurich.

1985: The first CEREC applications were successfully carried out.

1986: Siemens obtained the license to market and further develop the CEREC method.

1987: CEREC 1, the world’s first CAD/CAM system in dentistry was launched.

1994: The CEREC 2 system was introduced and allowed for inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers.

1997: Siemens sold its dental division, which resulted in the birth of Sirona Dental Systems.

2000: The Windows-based CEREC 3 (Redcam) debuted to the market.

2003: 3D software was introduced, which allowed dentists to construct restorations based on computer generated 3-dimensional models.

2007: The MC XL milling machine was launched, making it possible to attach crowns using dental cement because of its increased precision.

2009: Sirona launched the CEREC AC Bluecam, which is based on short-wave blue light that significantly increased the precision of the scans compared to the Redcam.

2010: Biogeneric (3.8 software) made it possible to individually reconstruct the occlusal surfaces of damaged or missing teeth while achieving a natural look.

2011: The 4.0 version of CEREC software simplified the user interface with intuitive menu navigation.

2012: The latest development in CEREC technology was revealed: the Omnicam intraoral camera. This new technology allowed dentists to take powder-free digital impressions in natural color.

2013: Around 38,000 dentists worldwide use the CEREC method and thus produce 6.9 million restorations each year.

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  1. I believe I had one of the first one installed in Europe, 2 weeks after the 1987 FDI Dental congress in Amsterdam I instructed my supplier ADT to buy the used demo machine on display at the convent, We cancelled our our appointments for the next days and organized a couple of sessions of entertainment for all our patients scanning and milling the first inlays as an introduction show in our office World Trade Center Amsterdam.. It was a great happening and patients those days were flabbergasted ;))

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