What is Patterson’s CEREC Service Club?

Although I do not have any affiliation whatsoever with Patterson, this is a question I naturally get asked all the time. After Patterson’s most recent changes to the CEREC Service Club Agreement in January 2015, its latest iteration most resembles an extended warranty typically offered at the register with almost every modern-day technology purchase. Service Club membership comes at a premium of $299/month plus tax.  I’ve organized the CEREC Service Club benefits in order of importance:

  1. Software upgrades are included with club membership at no additional charge. There is usually one major update a year.
  2. Parts & labor warranty for up to 7 years from the original installation date.
  3. 50% discount on replacement cameras, prismatic tubes and mirror sleeves after the warranty period ends.
  4. Discount on PC Hardware upgrades.
  5. Annual preventive maintenance (parts & labor) during warranty period. They bill for labor after the warranty period ends.
  6. Unlimited phone support.

Service Club membership for CEREC AC Connect systems cost $199/month plus tax and come with the same benefits outlined above minus the annual preventive maintenance.

CEREC 3 systems are no longer eligible for Service Club membership. Any CEREC systems that are not currently on the Service Club may be subject to a $1,995 initiation fee or backbilling, however this fee is normally waived for Dr. to Dr. transfers.

Source: Patterson Dental

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