“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

– Zig Ziglar

Our Mission

To provide a quality and affordable alternative to purchasing a new CEREC CAD/CAM system.

Core Values

  1. Serve with integrity.
  2. Remain faithful to our commitments.
  3. Create tangible value for our customers.
  4. Make decisions in the spirit of fairness.
  5. Customer satisfaction is a requirement.

Ownership and Company History

CAD/CAM HERO, LLC is owned and operated by Jhuri Lamica, son of Joseph Lamica, from whom he learned the business of used CERECs. After a couple invaluable years learning and growing within the business, the time came for Jhuri to branch out on his own and move to Texas, where he would later form CAD/CAM HERO in 2015.

In the early months, CAD/CAM HERO thrived by building Bluecam AC units out of spare parts and exporting them to South America. We saved these parted out scanners and gave them new life (hence the name CAD/CAM HERO) in another part of the world that couldn’t otherwise afford the technology. This proved an extremely profitable, albeit fleeting business model. As the available parts inventory quickly dwindled, CAD/CAM HERO’s focus shifted to offering consignment services after Jhuri noticed a poorly served market of sellers going it alone on eBay or paying exorbitant fees to other resellers in exchange for minimal service. Jhuri believed that he could offer a far superior level of personalized service, while charging the same, or less, than his competitors.

Eager to spread the word about this new service, Jhuri sent a hand-written letter to more than 140 local Dallas-Fort Worth area CEREC dentists. He received exactly one reply from a dentist in Fort Worth, whose CEREC-using associate was leaving to start his own practice and didn’t want to take the equipment with him. Ironically, Jhuri was never able to sell this unit because the bank note far exceeded its market value, but the professional way it was listed caught the attention of a dentist in Louisiana, whom became CAD/CAM HERO’s second consignment client. From there, the service quickly gained traction in the marketplace. Before long, CAD/CAM HERO had a book of clients spanning from Hilo, HI to Silver Spring, MD on its way to posting $1.45 million in sales in its first year offering the service. Today, CAD/CAM HERO now has the financial strength to offer fair-market direct purchases in addition to an even better consignment service. With additional investments in paperless technology, warehouse space, another technician, and a delivery van, we can continue to create value for our customers in ways not seen from our competitors.

Outside of running the day-to-day operations of CAD/CAM HERO, Jhuri is a licensed Texas Realtor, coaches youth soccer, football, and basketball, and is an avid San Francisco 49ers fan.

Why do business with us?

CAD/CAM HERO, LLC sells more CERECs (in gross revenue) than the entire eBay marketplace combined. This allows us to put more than $1 million annually back into the pockets of our much appreciated clients! On top of that, we estimate that we save our purchasing customers a combined $3 million to $5 million a year buying a reliable used CEREC system from us instead of a brand new set from Patterson or Henry Schein. Every transaction we close is a win-win for everyone involved: our sellers receive an effortless, above average return; and our buyers benefit from dealing with an experienced and established merchant with whom they can trust with a big-ticket Internet transaction. Need proof? Read the hundreds of perfect reviews on Google and eBay that reflect core value #5: Customer satisfaction IS a requirement.

How can we help?

CAD/CAM HERO, LLC offers a multitude of services including the sale, purchase, consignment, appraisal, and repair of CERECs. Technical support, referrals for training, and financing are also available. Browse our site to learn more about the services we offer or call (844) 385-4376.

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your used CEREC needs.

Very truly yours,

Jhuri Lamica | Founder & Owner

The Lamica Family

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  1. Hello, I spoke with you about a year ago in regard to an Omni cam but have postponed it for now due to office remodel and cost constraints. I have a blu cam with compac mill. I have found a mcxl 2007 with about 450 mills, they have a blu 3.1 software so old system and not being used for years. I am interested in the miller and they would just throw in the blu for no additional cost. Question is it worth while to take the blu and upgrade it? Keep in mind an Omni is in the horizon 1-2 years. What do you think the miller is worth they have no clue, but said they would take $10,000. Call me at 651-247-7686 if convenient.
    Thank you
    Lorrie Hodd DDS

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