CEREC Milling Units – CAD/CAM Milling Machines

CEREC milling units are used in dental practices around the world to fabricate partial or complete dental restorations based completely on digital scans and designs. By purchasing a CEREC milling unit for your dental practice, you bring the dental lab to your office, allowing for the manufacture of restorations in a single visit.

CEREC CAD/CAM milling machines are used in dental laboratories to cut crowns, bridges, implant abutments, frameworks, and copings from a wide variety of materials such as ceramics, zirconia, resins, waxes, and various alloys. While the purchase of a CEREC CAD/CAM milling machine may not replace the need for a dental laboratory entirely, the ability to offer a same-day restoration provides your practice with a competitive advantage in your area, as it spares your patients a second visit and frees up valuable time and resources.

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